Posted by: Trey | 04/27/2010

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!”

I love movies. New movies, old movies, good movies, and bad under-appreciated movies.  This is a place for me to develop, refine, and share my thoughts and ideas about cinema.  This may take the form of reviewing/reacting to new releases, reflecting on beloved favorites, musing on Cinema in general, or excerpting/revising prior academic papers.  Eventually I hope to develop sequential posts grouped by theme or topic, but for now things will probably be a little more scattered as I re-acclimate to posting regularly.  In any case, I know what I like, but I’m always open to suggestions about films I may have overlooked.  “Stay Tuned” is a bit too TV for my tastes, so I’ll just say “To be continued…”


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